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* 8 week/session scholarly research - based and scripture - based guide created by Valencya Thompson and written by Valencya Thompson and Ruth Ubaldo. Ideal for 10 mother-daughter pairs in church groups or parachurch organization settings. The mission of GPCMR is to bridge the gap between mothers and daughters to develop, enhance, and empower relationships. This mission is accomplished through bonding activities and supportive, Christ- centered networks targeted to women of color.

Purpose: Focusing on today’s media images and statistics regarding African, African American, Latina, and other women of color; one might notice that issues of broken or strained mother-daughter relationships, sexual promiscuity, teen pregnancy, sexual exploitation, issues of self mis-identity, suicidal ideation, amongst other detriments are often reported.

Though society as a whole has determined to take God out of the equation, GPCMR has opted to include God in the equation to provide mothers and daughters with a necessary foundation to encourage life-long dialogue from the womb through young adulthood. Available in both English & Spanish!

- Include's Facilitators Guide, Books for Mothers & Daughters Sold Separately.

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